Thursday, March 01, 2007


I think I may be the equivalent of a dumb blonde by Asian standards.

Well, obviously since I'm Asian, I can't really *be* blonde, but you know what I mean when I say dumb blonde, don't you? Unless you're dumber than a blonde...

Ok, I'm not really dumb, but I think many people see me as one. Because I tend to give a first impression of a kinda silly, naive, cheerful, pretty, dumb, girl. And more often than not, it's the male chauvinists that put me in that category.

Yes, I smile a lot, I giggle a lot, I nod my head, widen my eyes, flutter my lashes, and seem impressed at everything you say(in the beginning), but I'm not a dumb blonde, and I do have a quite intelligent brain and an very opinionated mind, actually.

Which gets me in trouble sometimes.

You see, when I meet people, male or female, for the first time, I like to talk less and listen more, and get to know them better before I start talking too much about my knowledge or opinions or whatever. So these male chauvinists get it in their heads that they *really* like me, because I hang on to every word they say, and I smile at them, and flutter my lashes at them, and basically, make them feel really macho. So they tell me all they know about cars, and computers, and businesses, and all sorts of things, which I am not so well-versed in, and I'd be so fascinated, I'll listen to every word they say. Because I truly want to know and learn more.

And then as it usually happens when you spend more time with people, you start talking about other topics too. Maybe about music, or nutrition, or books, or whatever... topics which, while I'm definitely no expert, I consider myself quite familiar with. And then while they're talking about it and being all macho and know-it-all, I suddenly contradict them with my own knowledge and opinions on the topic, and bang! They don't know what hit them.

No, seriously! They're shocked! They thought I was this dumb, soft-spoken, feminine, sweet, simple girl that worshipped everything they said, and all of a sudden, I actually 'talked-back' to them! I actually told them they got their facts wrong, I actually *dared* to tell them I had my own opinion! Can you believe it?! God forbid! How could this sweet, simple, dumb girl have an opinion?!

They're flabbergasted.


I didn't realize this until quite recently actually. I'm not the argumentative kind, and I don't intentionally look for topics to debate on, and I'm not nodding my head to everything people say in the beginning because I want them to think I'm interested even though I'm not. I really am interested in the things they tell me, and I listen because I think it's fascinating. And one day it just happens that they talk about a topic which I know something about, and I just naturally tell them, 'hey, that's not how it is.'

I'm not trying to fight with them, I'm not trying to put them down, I'm not trying to show off that I know more than them or whatever. I'm just trying to get the facts straight.

But these male chauvinists...well, I guess they just couldn't take it.

Here was a girl who made them feel like gods, or so they thought, and one day, she just turned around and actually dared to tell god that he was wrong. Blasphemy!!

Then they start feeling some kind of resentment toward me, thinking I was trying to make them look bad, or put them down, or make fun of them, or whatever their low self-esteemed, insecure selves think. And then they start putting me down, or arguing with me that they're right with their facts, even when they're clearly wrong. And they stop treating me nice.

You know the good thing about male chauvinists? They tend to be over-protective of girls. They beat their chest and roar, 'I am man, I'll take care of you!' And they do! And I like that they do. They don't let anyone bully you, they walk you to your car, they pay for your meals, they open doors for you. But show them suddenly that you have a brain, and they'll stop all that in an instant.

Sometimes I feel sad, that these guys misunderstand me, and I lose a 'protector', but sometimes I feel, hey, I don't really like male chauvinists! You think I'm a simple, dumb, female? Well, I'm not! I have a brain, and I use it a lot! If you don't like that, then kiss my a**!

I wish people wouldn't take out their insecurities on other people. It's not our fault you have a bad self-image, dammit! Fix it yourself, and leave the rest of us out of it. =P