Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Pros and Cons of Working at Home

You are in control of your own time and pace.People think that they can call on you whenever they want, because you can always work later.
You can work in your pjs, or even naked if you really want to.You start to not care about how you look, coz no one is there to look at you.
You can take as many breaks as you like, as long as you like.You sometimes end up going the whole day without doing anything productive.
You don't have to deal with difficult colleagues, bosses, classmates, etc.You don't get to meet a lot of great people either.
You don't have to deal with the traffic jams, and you save a lot on petrol. Hmm...no con here, this is all good.
You don't get interrupted in the middle of some important project by colleagues asking you to go for a drink. It gets really lonely sometimes.
You get a lot of quality work done and sometimes you can finish two days' work in one day. You don't know when to quit and go on a much needed break.

Well, there's pros and cons in everything. Right now, working at home suits me, and I really enjoy my independence. It's just sometimes when the cons rear their ugly heads that I feel just a little down.

I just need to get myself some social activities and I'll be fine. I'm just trying to think what those activities should be.

I'm hesitating a little also because I have so many activities already, at home, and if I add some social activity, it may take up too much of my time that I'm not willing to give. This is what I mean about not knowing when to take a break. I'm really pushing myself to achieve as much as I can in as little time as I can when it comes to my work.

Head knows I should take a break. Heart thinks I already take too many breaks. =P