Thursday, November 29, 2007

Say Cheese!

I love this new skin! =)

I feel so cute and I normally am not. LOL! Ok, actually I am girly at heart, I'm just also very lazy. Too lazy to be girly.

What? It takes a lot of work! Ask those girly girls! They know!

Anyway, I know I haven't posted up any pictures for a while now, although I've promised to.... (Sorry, Rob!)

I was supposed to post up pix of my new cute little puppy, Lucky the Pomeranian, and I wanted to post up pix of my birthday and my presents too, but my birthday was weeks and weeks ago already and I still haven't gotten those pix up.

It's not my fault! Really!

Oh ok, it is a little bit my fault, but only a little!

As we have already established, I am lazy.

The other thing is, since my birthday, Lone had been borrowing my camera off and on. Mostly on, so I seldom had my camera, and when I did, I was....lazy.

Now the camera's back with me. =) Yayy!

So forget the old pix, there wasn't much to see. I'll take a whole lot of new pix and post them up for you! Ok?!