Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNY Fun!!

Chinese New Year is almost here!! Yayy! It's gonna be fun, fun, fun!!

Well, except for the fact that there'll be lots to eat, hence, lots of temptation, meaning, I'll most probably put on a couple of pounds. ArrgghhHH!! Nooooo!!

I have to be in control! No pigging out!


God help me!!

In a couple of days, I'll be going back to my hometown and getting (forced) fed by my well-meaning grandmother with loads of fattening meats. Sighz...

Must. Resist. Must. Resist.

Anyways, I'll do my best to handle my tummy. You readers have only one thing to worry yourself over; make sure you're free on the 23rd after dinner, we'll be having an informal gathering at my place. Only thing is, there's a cover charge, you all have to lose money to me at the blackjack table! Muahahahah!!

Ok, I take it back, not all of you readers are invited. Blek! Don't come if I don't know you, you thick-faced reader! Only come if I've exchanged at least a couple of sentences with you that didn't include the phrase, "Bugger off!"

That being made clear, here are some disclaimers:

It's an informal gathering, there isn't going to be any catering, so make sure you eat before you come.

It's mostly my brother's friends and mine, not, adults, and most of us will be making a *LOT* of noise playing cards or mahjong or whatever, so if you're not into these and only looking for conversation with other like-minded adults, you've really gotta like us rowdy youngsters, k!

If you're my friend, come!! BUT don't bring your whole posse with you if I don't know any one of them. Bfs/gfs are ok, of course, maybe a close friend to keep you company, but don't bring a whole gang!! Be courteous!

If you're planning to come, call me to let me know! If you don't know how to get to my place, call me and ask! If you want to bring me gifts, just come and bring them along! LOL! =P

So...that's about it. Friday, 23rd, after dinner probably about 8.30-9pm. Got it? Remember to call me to let me know you're coming!