Saturday, February 10, 2007

Song for Moi?

Ok, this is so going to sound like I'm boasting, but um...yeah, I am. =P

Have you ever had someone write a song for you? Or about you? Or inspired by you? Or something related to you?

If you have, congratulations! Not many people have this privilege. =)

I'm not talking about the really lousy versions of songs with names that somebody sang to you, replacing that name for yours, I'm talking about an originally written song, with original lyrics and melody, that actually sounds good!

Now as a passable songwriter, I've written quite a few songs about/inspired by/for some people(not all good things), but not everyone in my life has affected me deeply enough for me to bother writing a song about/inpired by/for them. Hence the reason I said, it's a privilege if someone has written a song for you. Unfortunately, no one has ever written a song for me.... =(

Until now... =D

And guess what? It's not one song, it's two songs! I've got two songs! Two!! Two really great songs!! Written for me! By my honey....*touched*


They're in Chinese, by the way, so if you can read Chinese, go and read the lyrics here and here.

I'm so touched, and happy! My ultimate achievement in life: have such a deep impact on someone else's life that they write a song about me. LOL!

I can die happy now. =P

Love you, honey!