Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Ok, readers, what's the deal with freckles?

Girls, do you like them? Do you hate them?

Guys, do you like girls with them? Are you turned off by them?

I just had a facial today, and my beautician was exclaiming, ' got so many freckles already', like it's a bad thing.

I told her, 'But I like freckles!' and she was shocked! She kept saying throughout my facial, that it was weird that I liked freckles; everyone else wanted to get rid of their freckles, and here I was, saying that I liked them.

She's definitely not the only one who's given me this reaction towards freckles. So many other people I've known who were in the beauty industry have criticized freckles, other beauticians have tried to sell me products which were supposed to get rid of freckles, still more people have advised me to stay out of the sun so I wouldn't get freckles. And all of them are surprised when I tell them I like freckles.

And seriously, I do like freckles. I don't think my freckles are obvious, and there aren't many of them anyway, but I never saw them as a blemish problem or anything. I've always thought freckles were cute and endearing, and I've always liked freckles when I see it on other people, when some of them had more obvious freckles than mine.

It's not that I like them to the point that I would purposely go under the sun and get more freckles or whatever, but I see them as something that adds personality and character to a person's face. I think they're pretty!

What's wrong with freckles, honestly?

Come on, readers, tell me... do you like them or do you hate them? And if you hate them, why?? Please tell me I'm not the only one who likes them. =/