Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hard Rocking Band!

So my honey and I went to Hard Rock Cafe on Friday for an early V-day celebration. We're both into music and performance, so obviously Hard Rock was the place to go, for dinner and for the band.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten to bring my camera, but the food was great, and very very filling. I ordered the Cobb salad, and it was *HUGE*. I barely ate half of it. Of course, if I hadn't had so much of the appetizer I might've been able to finish more of the salad, but that's ok. We were planning to have a nice delicious dessert after our meal but we were just too stuffed to eat any more.

The band wasn't starting until 11pm, so we sat and chatted awhile, and allowed our stomachs to settle. =P

We moved to the side tables to get a better view of the band, right before they were about to start. We got good seats, just right beside the stage, which meant having the ultimate listening and watching experience. =)

The band was great. Abso-freaking-lutely great! Fantabulous! Awesome! Rocking! Terrific! Wow!

How can I even describe them? There were 4 musicians, and 3 vocalists. The musicians consisted of a guitarist, a keyboardist, a bassist, and a drummer. The bassist was really impressive, you should've seen the way his fingers flew. The drummer was awesome too, ba-da-boom! The keyboardist and the guitarist were ok, they were too far on the other side for me to really look at them.

The 3 vocalists consisted of 2 male vocals, and 1 female. They were great together! It was obvious that one of the male vocals was the band leader and the musical genius. From the moment they sang the first song, which was the female singer's song btw, he sang the backup vocals for that one, and I could see immediately that he was the best vocalist.

All 3 vocalists were great, and each had their own niche, but the way they worked could just see how much work and effort they put into it. Especially when they sang Fergielicious. They actually made me enjoy a song that I normally considered annoying. I am so impressed by their group dynamic, their chemistry...

Wow! *shakes head*

When I grow up, I wanna be just like them! =P