Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lazing and Thinking

I went to work early yesterday to get some stuff done. Got an ang pow from the boss. =) Stayed until lunch, then went home and spent most of the day letting time get away from me. It felt kinda nice to be so relaxed, but at the same time I felt a little guilty for being so unproductive.

There wasn't anything much to do today, so all I did was play some card games with mum, read a book, lie in bed talking on the phone, and all sorts of other unproductive activities. =P

It's a little bit boring during the day, but I'm hoping tonight will be a little more happening. I know for sure tomorrow night will be fun. =D Because everyone's coming over to my place tomorrow! At about 8, ok? =)

As mentioned, cover charge is losing money to me at the blackjack table. If you don't lose money to me, I won't invite you back next year. =P

LOL! Just joking.

Well, anyway, I had some time to read while I was at my hometown, since there was nothing else to do... I'm in the middle of Stephen King's IT, and it's a huge book, over a thousand pages, but it's great so far. I'm witholding judgement of the book/writing until after I'm done, but it did get me thinking...

The difference between being a child and being an adult...

In the book, horrible haunted things happen to these seven kids, and they could face it and they could conquer it. But 27 years later, when they had all become adults, they are ten times as terrified as they used to be when they were kids.

It's weird coz I thought adults would have a better grip on themselves, they'd be older, stronger, wiser, smarter. Yet they are more terrified than they were as kids.

Which got me thinking.

As kids, we worry about monsters in the closet and under the bed, and ghosts and stuff like that, and our parents had to console us whenever we woke up from a bad dream.

As adults, we no longer have nightmares about monsters and ghosts and stuff like that, coz we're more concerned about the 'real world'.

But what happens if the 'real world' consists of *real* monsters and ghosts. What if these were very real problems? How do you think you'd have handled it as a child, and how would you handle it as an adult?

I think I'd be terrified too. As an adult.

If a monster came to get me when I was a kid, all I'd have to do is scream for mummy and daddy, and they'd come and save me. As a kid, I'd think "no one will be able to get me when I'm bigger, monsters don't eat adults, they only eat kids, like me. I'll be fine when I'm bigger, like mummy. When I'm as big as mummy, the monsters won't dare to eat me, coz I'd be an adult!"

And then I become an adult, and the monsters come after me. I'd be bewildered! I thought adults wouldn't have to worry about monsters. I thought monsters were afraid of adults. I thought when I become an adult, monsters didn't exist anymore. And now I find out, they're invincible! Gasp! Shock! Faint!

Don't you think?

You realize that it wasn't the imagination of your overactive brain when you were a child, you realize monsters are real, and being an adult won't save you from them. Nothing can save you from them. Wouldn't you have a nervous breakdown?

I would.

But fortunately for me, *real* monsters don't exist.

Or do they? =/