Wednesday, February 07, 2007


How do you deal with 'crazy' people?

You know, the ones who think that they're always right no matter what you say to them or how you explain things to them?

The ones who, when you say one thing to them, they assume something else because their brains have already decided what they want you to say? And this applies to things that you do too, like you would do something, and their initial reaction is that whatever you did was wrong, even if it wasn't, simply because they cannot imagine that you could do something right?

They would come up with all sorts of ideas about you, which they think is right, but is nowhere near the truth. No matter what you said, no matter what you did, even if you agreed with everything they said, just coz you didn't want to make waves... they would still have the idea stuck into their heads that there was something wrong with you.

They'd say you're unreasonable, selfish, and always want things your way... but in actual fact, it's them who always want things their way. And if you tried talking to them, to defend yourself against those false accusations or to explain that maybe they misunderstood where you were coming from, they'd say that you were giving excuses or never accepting 'advice' to improve yourself.

I honestly don't understand people like that, and these people really scare me. If you agree with them, they get reinforcement that they're right, if you don't agree with them, they think that you're the kind of person who never admits your mistakes. You really can't win with these people.

So what do you do with them? Seriously!

I mean, obviously I know I'm not perfect, but I can't be wrong *all* the time, and obviously I know my own intentions whenever I'm doing something or other, I'm sure I know myself better than these people know me. But even assuming that I'm seriously deluded, even assuming that maybe I'm in denial and I think I'm always right(which I don't, btw =P), how about when they *obviously* make things up about you, at that moment, in front of you and some others, and it's a blatant lie and they're caught in it, they still won't admit they're wrong!

And they have the audacity to say that *you* are in serious denial, that *you* are deluded, that *you* never listen to other people's advice. Obviously they are the ones in denial, they are deluded and they never listen to other people telling them that.

I really don't get it. I try to avoid these people as much as I can, but sometimes they're just there and you can't avoid them... And sometimes they push themselves into your lives and busybody their way into your business...

I don't want any problems from them... I just want to get on with my life, and not bother what they do with theirs anymore. It used to be I was concerned about their attitude/perception/whatever, and I wanted to tell them where they might be deluded and how I felt about what they're doing to the people around them. But the more I try to help, the more trouble I get.

So you know... I just decided, you can live your life, say what you want about me, think what you want about me... I know the truth.

And even if I didn't know the truth, if I need advice, if I need help, you can be sure I won't come to you. I'd go to someone reasonable and sane.

I'm done wanting to help you. I'm done caring about you. I'm done with you.

If and when you decide to wake up, and apologize for all the terrible injustice of your thoughts and actions towards me, I'll listen. But until then, I'm done. Leave me alone.