Friday, August 11, 2006

Back from PD and sick again!

I got sick again! Dammit!

I got well last week, right before PD, but I guess I was really pushing it at PD, and now I'm sick again. I didn't really worked as hard the last few days as I could've. I should've taken better care of myself... being out in the sun for so long, not drinking enough water, eating so much junk food, staying awake for more than 24 hours, sleeping in the cold, dry air-conditioned room...etc. It was definitely my bad. But it was sooooooooo fun! :D

It's not worth being sick though, all I needed to do was drink more water and not eat so much junk. :P I really wasted a lot of productive days at work, and I hate not being able to sing when I'm sick. And obviously, it's really no fun being sick...I can't breathe easily, I'm constantly hacking up phlegm, not sleeping comfortably... Sighz...serves me right.

But it was sooooooooo fun! We played games well into the night, Taboo, Charades, Mafia...etc. And I flew a kite for the first time! OMG, I never knew flying a kite could be so fun. LOL! (Keep all rude comments about flying kites to yourselves, people. ;P It's all innocent childish kite flying fun here.) My kite was the highest, thanks to one of my colleagues, Deric. (LOL! It's really hard to describe the fun I had flying kites without thinking of all the 'alternative' connotations of kite-flying.)

But moving on......

PD was fun, and we went home later in the evening, all of us exhausted. And I woke up with a bad sore throat the next day. :( It got better, but the flu started, then the headache... *groan* Let's not talk about it anymore. I feel much better now although I still feel like I have a stuffed head. My voice is coming out really nasal, and the pressure in my ears is uncomfortable, but other than that, I'll probably be fine in another couple of days.

So I'm sleepy now... Will update more later. Good night folks! Muuuaaahhhhh!