Thursday, August 03, 2006

I hate being sick! much for being motivated today. I went to work, went out for lunch, and broke out into a cold sweat. I wasn't feeling too good after that, but I guess it's part of the recovery. I ventured out too soon when I should've been at home resting. But I just really want to start work fast!

So anyway, Lone sent me home, and I though I could rest peacefully, but then my monthly cycle started. Sighz...and I had tummy cramps and was too uncomfortable to sleep well. But I'm really happy it started today, coz I thought it was coming this Sunday, when we're all going to PD. It's definitely better today. I'm glad. :P

So I spent today resting at home again, wondering if I can catch up on all the work I'm supposed to get done. But I know it'll be fine, I just really feel antsy sitting at home doing nothing all day except watch tv and playing sudoku. All the activities that you can do comfortably with your feet curled up on the sofa. :D Not that I was all that comfortable with the stomach cramps. Grrr....*PMS*

I need to get back to work! But I'm staying home tomorrow. I can't afford to get sick again just coz I'm stubborn. Sighz...