Friday, August 11, 2006


I've been reading through my blogs...and I realize, what a change! In my 'voice', I mean. I used to write with a cynical tone, with more than a little sarcasm, but now I'm cheerful, almost bubbly! Ugh...

Ok, actually I like being cheerful a lot more than being depressed and cynical, but bubbly? Ugh! But then again, that's what most people describe me as...bubbly. But it's not much fun writing a blog when you're all cheerful and bubbly, coz happy people are boring. It's only when you have a lot to complain about, or gossip about, or poke fun at, that makes your blogs interesting.

Well, I could always say something about world peace... Ya right! LOL! I crack myself up. Or I could write about controversial topics. Whoa! This is something I'm *really* good at. Like abortions, life after death, evolution and the church...etc. But those would *really* be loooonnngg posts, and I'm not sure if I can be bothered. I've lost my voice for a while, literally and figuratively. Literally coz I'm sick. Figuratively, coz I can't figure out what I want to say.

I'm more of a 'reflector', than a 're-capper'. I like to reflect on things, you know, like how I felt and my opinion on what happened...etc, rather than giving re-caps on things that happen. For example, at 9am this morning, I brushed my teeth, then I put on my make up, packed my bags, and went to work. I just don't do that. The most I would do is: I went to work, and this happened, and this is how I feel about it.

This is bad for my image, talking about my voice and stuff. I'm cool. Blek!

Aww....who cares! I'll write what I want, and you can read it, or you won't. Simple. Anyway, nobody's reading my blog right now, so it's purely for my satisfaction.

I need to go! Work, responsibilities, and boss are calling! Ta!