Thursday, August 17, 2006

Time, or lack of

I just realized that it's August now, and I've only read 17 books this year! OMG! And I didn't even read a single book in June and July! What is wrong with me?

I think I'm having a reader's block. I mean, I use to devour books like mad! I read 130 books in 2004, and had to make a resolution to read only 50 books last year, but I read 52. :P Heheh!

But it's August now, and I've only read 17 books?! And nothing at all in June and July? Oh my's not for lack of trying. I'm actually in the middle of a few books now:
1. The Dark Tower Book 1 - Stephen King
2. Bronte's Story - Bronte Cullis and Steve Bibb
3. Unnatural Acts - Lucy Taylor

I'm halfway through all of them, but not a single one of them calls to me to finish them quick. It's not that they're boring either...they're all kind of interesting, but I don't get that feeling anymore, of being on the edge of my seat, wondering what's going to happen next, and staying up til six in the morning to finish the book. Is it me? Or have I just been choosing the wrong books for this phase in my life?

I really feel like digging through my pile of books this minute and finding a book that I can devour tonight itself, but....*sigh* I have to work tomorrow. In fact, I have a looooooong weekend ahead of me.

The KLCC exhibition is this weekend, and I'm on duty. So there goes the weekend! And I'm working next weekend too. So there goes that weekend too! *double sigh*

Ok, it's actually not that bad, I love my job, but it has its ups and downs. I'm just trying to keep riding the highs, and taking the lows as they come(Yes, it's the Michelle Branch & Santana song). And it's really tiring having to work week after week after week, including weekends, and sometimes late into the night. The rewards are great, but still, it's tiring!

But then again, it's my own choice. I work hard because I want to. I could slack off and nobody would say a word, except that if I do slack off, I don't get the rewards. And I want them! Badly, badly, badly.

I really do miss my slack off days though, when I was in college, and had all my time at my disposal. I use to sneakily read my books in the lecture halls and pretend I was reading the textbooks... The only time I ever did my assignments or study for my exams was at the last minute. And I did pretty well too, mind you. :P And I had more time to maintain my website too. I had a new design for it every 3 months! The only complaint I had then was that I didn't have enough to do. Now I don't have enough time to do the things I really want to do. :(

I'm working hard, and saving up, and investing so that I can become a multi-millionaire. Then I *will* be able to do whatever I want to do. :D

Alright then...*sigh* I'll go to work tomorrow with this thought in my mind. :)