Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time wasting

Coz I have nothing else better to do, except sleep, which I couldn't. So I'm here. There. Whatever.

1. Full name. elizabeth hazel wong
2. Name backwards. gnow lezah htebazile
3. Name after anyone? my father's godfather's wife, my god-grandmother, who just passed away early this month
4. Name meaning? belongs to god
5. Nickname/s: betty, betsy, bets
6. Screen name: starbytes
7. Date of birth. 14th Oct 1982, i love presents. :D
8. Place of birth. right here on earth
9. Nationality. earthling
10. Current location. earth :P
11. Star sign. librans rule!
12. Religion. i don't really believe in religion.
13. Height. um...5'3"?
14. Weight. lol! whatever gave you the idea that i would tell?
15. Shoe size. 5
16. Hair colour. brown and white. seriously
17. Eye colour. brown
18. What do you look like? 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth...pretty standard
19. Inny or outy? inny
20. Righty, lefty or both? righty, but am an ambidextrous-wannabe
21. Gay, straight, bi, or? well, i'm not gay or bi, but i'm not that straight either...
23. Trust most? myself
24. Best friend. you know who you are
25. Best friend, of opp sex. you know who you are
26. Best buds. you know who you are
27. Boy/girl friend. which one?
28. Crush. oh, they all do.
29. Parents. father and mother
30. Worst enemy. um...magneto?
31. Favourite online guy. i have no favourite
32. Favourite online girl. see above
33. Funniest friend. lone
34. Craziest friend. i'm the craziest among my friends, i think
35. Advice friend. margaret
36. Loudest friend. sewei
37. Person you cry with. my 3 best friends who've been with me for a looooong time
38. Sisters. 0
39. Brothers. 1
40. Pets. 3 1/2yo crazy dachshund mix who answers to baby, come here girl, *clap* and just about anything
41. Disease. i have a serious allergy to stupid people, prolonged exposure will result in explosion
42. Pager. the only pages i answer to are from books.
43. Personal phone line. seriously?
44. Cell phone. you're so funny
45.Lava lamp. nope
46. Pool or hot tub. depends on my mood
47. Car. Jaguar
48. Personality. find out for yourself
49. Driving. what about it?
50. Car. I also have a Porche
51. Room. without a view
52. What's missing. the view?
53. School. of dolphins?
54. Bed. comfy
55. Relationship with my parents. the best
56. Believe in yourself. of course
57. Do you believe in love at the first sight. nope, you need to walk by me again
58. Consider yourself a good listener? to music, yes
59. Get along with your parents. you don't listen much, do you?
60. Save email conversations. some
61. Pray. yeap
62. Believe in reincarnation. definitely. i was like, cleopatra in my last life :P
63. Like to make fun of people. only the duckie.
64. Like to talk on the phone. only with the duckie and the loonie
65. Like to drive. not much
66. Eat the stems of broccoli. why not?
67. Eat chicken fingers with fork. i eat it with chili sauce, i don't really like the taste of fork.
68. Dream in colour. probably
69. Get motion sickness. depends who's driving
70. Type with your fingers on home row. huh?
71. Sleep with a stuffed animal. just stuffed pillows
72. Right next to you. shelf
73. On the walls of your room. paint
74. Mouse pad? don't use one
75. Your dream car. got them already, a Jag and a Porche. ;P
76. Your dream date. whatever he planned for me
77. Dream honey spot. wherever he wants to bring me
78. Dream husband. whoever can make me happy
79. Bedtime. when i sleep
80. Under your bed. dust
81. Single most important question. why not?
82. Bad time of the day. seldom have them
83. Worst fears. i'm fearless
84. The weather like. the usual, polluted air
85. Time. 4.04am
86. Best trick. can't think of any now
88. The weirdest food you like. too many, i'm adventurous with food
89. Theme song. simply the best
90. The hardest thing about growing up. moving out from my castle in the air.
91. Funniest experience. i'll get back to you
92. Scariest moment. see above
93. The silliest thing you said. see above
94. Funniest or desperate thing to get attention of someone from the opp sex. crazy stuff, plenty. some funny, few desperate. :P
95. Scariest thing that happened when with my friends. like what?
96. Worst feeling in the world. loneliness
97. Best feeling. happiness... god, you're dumb
98. 5 people to tag. whoever's got time to waste


Anonymous said...

What's up, Sebast Here, I like this get-up I could definitely get involved here.