Monday, August 21, 2006

Poor poor feet of mine...:(

I think I'm PMS-ing very very badly right now, and I'm not even having my period. Nope, it's due to lack of sleep. I'm very easily irritated today coz the last three days I haven't sleep much, *and* the biggest reason of all: MY FEET HURT!

Arghhhh! I've been wearing my mum's heels for the past few weeks coz mine wore out, and I didn't feel like shopping, as usual. So I kept putting off shopping for new shoes til thursday. My mum's heels are higher than mine, and they hurt, but other than the occasionally walking, I'm sitting most of the time so it doesn't bother me so much.

But the last few days at the KL Convention Center really hurt my feet bad. I had to stand or walk around for 3 hours straight, and before that I had to walk from the office to KLCC, and after that back again. By the time it was time to go home, my feet were sore and swollen and covered in bandages. Seriously!

I have bunions but they're not really serious, I'm just not supposed to wear closed-toed shoes, but Friday I wore my mum's high heels and my feet and calves hurt so bad, so I thought I'd try wearing closed-toed flats. I've worn them before for a short period and it wasn't that bad, but Saturday I had to cover both my feet in bandages, and I could feel the pain in the *bones* of my feet.

You can imagine, by the time Sunday came around, I was almost about to cry. I wore my mum's heels, they hurt. Then I wore flats, and they still hurt. I had no idea if I had any other appropriate shoe to wear. So I wore my casual heels, and wore long pants to cover them a little. My feet were already sore, so they still hurt, but at least it's not as bad as if I wore my mum's heels or the flats again.

I am *traumatized* from this experience, and I swear from now on, no matter how much I hate shopping, I will make buying the right shoes my first priority! Even if my client wants to see me and give me a million dollars!

.....Ok, if it's a million dollars, I'll buy the shoes after I get the money. :P LOL! But otherwise, my feet comes first!

I'm getting a foot massage as soon as next weekend's seminar is over.