Friday, September 08, 2006

Heads up

Just a heads-up to die-hard fans of my blog(yeah, right), I won't be blogging here as much for the next two weeks because I've just signed up for a two-week blogging project. I'll have to blog about my everyday life, mostly about my night life style, because it's actually a market survey of what the youth nowadays like to do, where they hang out, who with...etc. The organizers are gonna be pretty bored with my entries, I think. LOL!

I went for the briefing yesterday, and it seemed like most of them were college students, I was one of the few who were working. I felt more than a little out of place, I can tell you. And OLD! :P The organizers pretty much wanted us to blog about the places we hung out, where, when, who, what, how...etc and all the details. Like I said, a market survey.

They did mention though, that they didn't want us to go out everyday on purpose just because of this project, to spice it up or whatever. If we felt like staying at home, reading a book or watching tv, that's fine too, but we still had to blog about it. They wanted us to be as natural as possible. So that's great, coz they do understand that we don't always want to go out everyday, but in my case, I feel like, what if all I blog about is how I stayed at home everyday for these two weeks, reading and writing in my blog. Lame, isn't it.

Well, it's a market survey, they'll just have to accept that the market consists of people like me. The unhappening-stay-at-home people. :P

On the plus side, we're getting paid for it at the end of the two weeks. Well, obviously. You didn't think I was gonna do this for free, did you? It's two weeks of blogging. It takes up time and effort. Esp. since we have to have pictures as well. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that. We need to post up pictures of the things we did. Even if it's just watching tv, we're supposed to take a picture of ourselves watching tv. Um...ok. It's a good thing I'm getting paid.

I'm sure it'll be fun. I like blogging anyway. And I'm narcissistic enough to think that the things I do and say matters to people. So getting paid to do something I like, and knowing that the organizers *want* to hear about what I did in my life. Perfect. :D

I still want to blog here, but I really won't know if I'll have the time, since I'm committing to this other blog for two weeks. So I hope my fans don't get withdrawal symptoms if they don't hear from me. ;D

Until I blog again. Ta!