Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Widget Fun!

Well, I'm back! The blogging project is over!

Though I did have fun posting about the things I did there, I still prefer to be able to post about what I want, whenever I want. No pressure, you know. And after all, I'm not a professional blogger. I still have a regular job, and not enough time to blog all day everyday. Now, if I was a professional blogger...I wouldn't mind blogging all day everyday. But then the only thing I'll have to say is, 'Today I blogged...' LOL!

By the way, I've added a few blog widgets on the sidebar
I think I've gotten hooked on them. LOL! I love the widget for books, I got that from and it automatically links to amazon too! Love it!

Loved it so much that I've decided to start another blog just for my books. You know, for reviewing the books I read and all. Coz if I just blog about them here, they'll get lost in all my usual post and rantings. So I figured it'd be better if I had a special blog for books. A bookblog! =D

And I can also blog occasionally about the songs I liked, or movies I've seen... Reviews! I love reviewing! My style, of course. Anyway, it's at just in case anyone's interested. It's currently 'under construction' though. I just created it today, so it'll be awhile before it'll be ready for visitors. =(

I've also gotten another widget, which I *absolutely* love!!!! At the sidebar, right below the book widget, is a widget for my favorite thingz! It scrolls through all the stuff I like, like my favorite bands, website, singers, tv shows...etc. I love it love it love it!!! I feel like adding a few more widgets, but I'm afraid of having a widget-overkill. LOL!

It's a good thing I'm starting the new bookblog, some of the burden of 'widget-ing' here can be shared on that page too! LOL!

Damn! It's good to be back! =D