Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Recently there have been many of my friends who've found the one and gotten hitched. For better or worse, happy ever after and all that. I know there's gonna be a lot more of my friends getting married as time goes by...like duh, we're at the age where we're prone to catching this marriage disease. But the thing is...you can almost tell, who are the ones who will end up marrying young, who will not want to get married til they're almost old maids, who will end up marrying their career, who will end up marrying coz they got pregnant. LOL! Of coz, I'm not always right, but it's fun to speculate.

As for me, I've always wanted marry young. My ambition when I was younger, was to marry a good looking prince loaded with money who will love me forever after and give me everything I want. And I would stay in this big beautiful castle with a gigantic library filled with all the books I want! Sort of like the one from the Beauty and the Beast animated movie. *Poof!* The bubble burst when I grew up.

Now I know better, I'm not interested in a good looking guy, coz I'd have too much competition and that would give me more headaches than peace. I don't want a prince, because I don't want someone who's too much in the spotlight and have to answer to a nation's demands all the time. I don't need someone who's loaded with money, because a filthy rich man might have a filthy mind too, and he'd have lots of money to supply the filth.

But I do want someone who'll love me forever after and take care of me always and give me everything I *need*. I want someone who'll be able to provide security, which of coz, includes being able to make money...

Hey, I never said I didn't want any money at all. I just don't want a Donald Trump or a Bill Gates, but an average well-to-do businessman will do just fine. :P

Well, I know exactly what I want, and I'm not so demanding anymore. I'm not looking for the good looking, loaded prince after all. But there are some basic criteria that a guy needs to have, and if these criteria aren't met, then bye bye to him.

Some people say I'm too demanding because of that, but IMHO, I don't think I'm too demanding. I mean, come on people, some of you would spend hours and hours on end, looking for the perfect dress for the prom night or company dinner or whatever. And spend another few more hours looking for the perfect shoes to fit the perfect dress. And then the perfect purse...and then the perfect salon for the perfect hair, and the perfect nails...etc.

What about the perfect date? And not just for that event. What about the perfect date for the rest of your lives? I mean, your dress/shoes/hair/purse...etc needs to fit a certain criteria before you would even want it right? So why do we always compromise with the men we're with?

You date a guy, becoz he's cute and you were attracted to each other, you start hanging out more, you get more attracted to each other, you start bonding and sharing more with each other, then you find a few things you don't really like about him, but it's ok, coz they are just minor stuff, I can live with that because his good points waaayyyyy overshadows his bad. Then you find out more stuff about him which annoys you, I don't know, he's egotistic, he doesn't stand up for himself when a waiter brings the wrong order, he slurps when he drinks, he never cleans up after himself, he doesn't pick up your calls when he's out with the boys, he doesn't listen to you when you talk, he leaves the room when you cry....

Damn! But you've already fallen for him! So what do you do? You have these long talks, where you do all the talking, and he pretends to listen, about how he should change, how he should treat you better, how he should be more sensitive...blah blah blah...

And it works! Yeah, for the first two weeks or so. Then it's back to the same old same old.

That's not for me, gals. Been through that too many times to count. I should hope I've wisen up somewhat. Now a guy's gotta have everything on my must-have criteria before I'd even consider dating him. There's no point to dating someone who doesn't have what you want, and then changing him. It's like going house hunting. You don't buy a house you only think you'll like after you fix it up, renovate the kitchen, extend the porch, elevate the roof, break down the walls....etc. You buy a house you know you'll love, and which you'll love more when you paint it up with your favourite colors, and decorate it with furniture you chose.

These kind of minor changes is what a guy will be happy to do for you. Don't tell him to change his personality or attitude or the whole foundation of who he is for you. But fill him up with your passion and the things you love, decorate his life with your favorite things, the things he love you for, without changing his foundation, and he will naturally become a better person because you paint his world.

So...I'm still looking for my dream house. But I know my patience will pay off one day. Who knows? It might be right under my nose already.

Happy house-hunting to all! :D