Thursday, September 28, 2006

Juan Mann, One Love

The video in my previous post inspired me so much, that I did a little search on google about the mastermind behind it all, Juan Mann. It led me to this article, which was actually published two years ago.

The video was only posted a few days ago to, that's why it's only making its rounds two years after the free hugs campaign started. And even the music is new, Sick Puppies are only releasing their debut album in 2007!

Anyway, the 'campaign' was started by Juan Mann, who was 22 at the time(he looks so much old-uh....more mature, than 22!), coz he thought that people looked really down and needed some hugs to lift their spirits. It's wonderful how one man(Juan Mann) made everybody's day. Pretty soon, people were joining him in his quest to give out free hugs, and everyone started hugging everyone....LOL! It's wonderful!

It speaks volumes about our generation nowadays that people actually tried to BAN free hugs! Can you believe that?!

How can you ban HUGS?????!

But at the same time, it speaks a lot about our generation too, that so many people fought against the ban. And won! Love and compassion always win!! *warm fuzzies* =D

Anyway, I love the story. And I love hugs. I read somewhere, it was in a psychology textbook I believe, that we need at least 7 hugs a day to thrive! We need hugs to flourish, people!! So next time you see me, give me a hug, will you? =D

HuGz to all!!!