Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Laughter the best medicine

I swear I am never ever gonna eat or drink in front of Lone again!

I almost choked last night coz of his funny antics! LOL!

I was eating dessert, sesame seed balls(which were delicious, btw), and I have no idea what Lone, C-Zer and Bob were talking about but all of a sudden Lone started 'flirting' with Bob. Oh, don't worry, nobody's gay, but we just like to tease Bob about being gay coz he's so uptight about girls touching him. But he's ten thousand times worse when a guy touches him, so we know he's not gay. LOL!

Anyway, here's *roughly* how it went:

Lone: (in a very 'fatt hao' voice)Bobby...you free tonight hor? Come, we go dating tonight. (starts fingering the chopsticks on the table and batting his eyelashes)

Bob: (shudders) Tiu! Stop it ler, man! Goosebumps already!

Lone: ('fatt hao' voice) Whhhyyyyy??? You don't like me izzit? (pouts)

Me: (To Lone)He don't want you la, he wants me. (To C-Zer) Los kongs, can I have a third low kong?

C-Zer: (smirking)Why not? Go ahead la. Hahaha!

Me: Bobby...you wanna be my third low kong? (batts eyelashes)

Bob: For what la, aiyeerr....

Me: Aiyak...you don't want me also ar? (shrugs) (To Lone)Hmm...seems like he's more scared of me going after him, than you wor...

Then, I stuffed a sesame ball into my mouth! And then...

Lone: Yalar, Bob. Guy also you dun wan, girl also you dun wan... What you wan? (long pause, and a sudden mischievous glint in his eye...) Ehhhhhh.....Bob, kenot like that ar! Betty's dog already got boyfriend k!!

Oh my f-king God!! C-Zer and I started laughing like mad! And me laughing with that stupid squishy sesame ball in my mouth! I couldn't swallow, I couldn't chew, I couldn't spit it out. I just kept laughing with my mouth closed until my stomach hurt with the stupid thing in my mouth!!

Bob went: Tiu!!!!!! But then he started laughing too. And then Lone said something which made things worse....


"Her dog's boyfriend is me, ok!"

And all of us went off again! And with that f-king sesame ball still in my mouth, dammit!!!!!! It was several minutes before I could stop laughing, yes, with the stupid thing still in my mouth! And when I finally calmed myself down and swallowed the stupid thing, I gave Lone a series of whacks on the arm!!

I'm damn lucky I wasn't drinking! And I'm never gonna eat or drink in front of Lone again! Omg...he's too much already! Interested in dog pulak! Dammit! LOL!!!!!