Wednesday, October 04, 2006

50 happy things and 7 enjoyable songs

Yesterday was a bad day. =( But I'm getting over it, and just to get things into perspective, I've decided to make a list today, of 50 things that make me happy. =D

50 things that make me happy:

  1. Waking up to the sound of rain in the morning
  2. And knowing that it's a weekend and I can sleep in
  3. Coming home everday to my puppy Baby's enthusiastic greeting
  4. Hearing an old favourite song play on the radio while driving home
  5. Receiving letters and postcards in the mail.
  6. Having the whole day free to immerse myself in a book.
  7. Finding a carton of ice cream in the freezer when I feel like having a snack in the middle of the night.
  8. Getting an unexpected call from an old dear friend
  9. Spending hours in the bookshop
  10. Singing my heart out without caring about whether I'm in tune or not.
  11. Having fun nights out with my girlfriends
  12. Lounging at home in my pj's and having a movie and chocolate fest
  13. Performing my favourite songs to a really great crowd
  14. Playing Taboo and being silly with my friends
  15. Fixing jigsaw puzzles
  16. Finishing the crocheted project I've been working on
  17. Making things with my hand - cards, bookmarks, bad art...LOL!
  18. Having interesting book discussions with fellow bookworms and bookcrossers
  19. Learning interesting trivia from books I read and being able to actually apply them to real life.
  20. Going on road trips.
  21. Late night chats on the phone with my girlfriends.
  22. Having a fun and crazy time with the Malaysian Bookcrossers
  23. Waking up to good hair days
  24. Going out to a nice restaurant with a good friend and having great conversation and my favourite food.
  25. Finding a pretty dress, in my size, cheap
  26. Getting unexpected gifts
  27. Getting hugs. Lots of them!
  28. Giving hugs. Lots of them!
  29. Making someone smile
  30. Watching heartwarming movies that make me tear up.
  31. Feeling loved and wanted
  32. Indulging in rich food once in a while
  33. Having a great game of badminton with friends
  34. Getting an unexpected compliment on a bad day
  35. Getting a sweet message from someone who cares on a bad day
  36. Playing foosball with the guys
  37. Spending a nice quiet night fishing with a friend
  38. Getting things that I really want at a steal
  39. Taking the time to pamper myself with massages, facials, spas...etc
  40. Writing in my blog and having people care about what I have to say
  41. Writing everyday in anticipation of a book that I hope will eventually be published
  42. Feeling accomplished when I achieve my goals at work way before their deadlines
  43. Reading through all my diaries and seeing how far I've come
  44. Looking around my room and feeling lucky to be surrounded by loads of books
  45. Finishing a song I composed and loving it
  46. Meditating and feeling a deep sense of peace
  47. Loving myself
  48. Being in tune with the world
  49. Connecting to someone on a spiritual level
  50. Being surrounded by books, music, art, love, warmth, understanding, and loving all of it!

Ahhh....I feel so much better now. =D

And while I'm at it, I got tagged by Denise to name seven songs that I've been listening to and enjoying lately. Soooo.....

  1. High Road Easy - Sass Jordan
  2. Midnight at the Oasis - Brand New Heavies
  3. A Love That Will Last - Renee Olstead
  4. Sway My Way - Liz Phair
  5. Air We Breathe - Alisha's Attic
  6. Afterglow - INXS
  7. Breathe - Michelle Branch

And... I'm going to tag a new blogger, Zarina and a dear old friend, Minachie. :D