Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Raunchy books and bookcrossers

I went out for dinner with the Malaysian Bookcrossers tonight after so long of missing so many meetups. The last time I met them must have been at least, I think five months ago, at The Curve. Except for Tim. I last met Tim on Merdeka Day, also at the Curve. =D There must be something about the Curve... Hmm, what is it?

Oh yes, that's right! Borders! =D Just saying the name makes me happy! LOL!

Ah yes, back to what I was saying. I met the Bookcrossers tonight for buka puasa dinner in an Indian restaurant, Gem, at Jalan Gasing. It wasn't bad, the food was great, and the service was quite attentive too.

I don't know why I don't meet them more often, I have so much fun when I do! But they meet most Sunday afternoons and I usually can't make it on Sundays afternoons. =(

Anyway, the reason why I have so much fun with them is mostly coz of these three 'monkeys'. LOL! See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

From left to right: Taty, Denise, & Ariel

They were the stars of the night, that's for sure. The rest of us just laid back and let them entertain us. ;D And the funniest thing was, although their motto was supposedly see, hear, and speak no evil, they definitely *did* a lot of evil! LOL!

It all started because Denise picked up this book:

And she flipped it open, just to take a look at it, and started laughing like mad coz of some of the passages. She tried to read it aloud to us, but she couldn't coz she was laughing so damn hard. So Taty took things into her own hands. LOL!

She read:

" 'Touch me,' he breathed. 'Touch me now.'

She looked away from herself and saw that Bobby had unbuttoned the tuxedo pants and brought his penis into view. He moved her hand to it.

'My dick,' he breathed romantically. 'My dick, my dick, my dick.' "

At this point all of us were laughing uncontrollably! The only one who still kept a straight face was Taty, and she continued reading:

" Bethany held the object of his intensity curiously. She moved it left and right like a stick shift.

'No, no, up and down,' he drawled.

'I understand it now. Now I get it,' she said, removing her hand. "

OMG! I couldn't believe it! ROFLMAO!! "Are you serious?" I asked Taty, I really couldn't believe that the book said that. I thought maybe Taty had embellished it to make it funnier for us, but honest to god I swear, I took the book from her to see for myself, and I swear, that was exactly what was written on the page!!

What the --??!! He *breathed romantically*, 'my dick, my dick, my dick'??!! What so romantic about that? LOL! And 'she held the object of his intensity curiously'???! Since when do 'virgins' hold the *object of his intensity* curiously? BWAAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!

Ok, admittedly we read the passage out of context, but honestly, I don't care how good the book is, no one should ever write about sexual acts like that! EVER!

OMG! People actually write like that?! Well, *cheeky grin* I took the book home with me, coz I've been reading too many intense books lately, and I figured I could definitely use more laughs. ;P Let's see if the sex scenes could get any more ridiculous. You can count on me posting up more passages here if they do. Bwahhahahah!!!

The ironic thing is that I think this book is supposed to be about a tragedy. I have no idea what it's about, I just wanna read it coz it's just too funny!

*smirk* I'm gonna have so much fun reading it.

Oh, by the way, the reason we met up for dinner was because there was this journalist from The Star who wanted to interview us about Bookcrossing. I'm not sure when the article is going to come out, but it'll probably be some time next week. I'll post when I know. =D Hope I don't look terrible in the pix. =P