Friday, October 20, 2006

This Week...

Hey, loyal fans of mine, sorry for not blogging for so long! *giggles* I remember when 'not blogging for so long' meant that I haven't blogged in months. Now it's only been what, four days? And already my *ahem* fans are complaining!

LOL! Just joking! So far it's only been one person complaining. Hmm...I wonder if I don't blog for a couple more weeks, will my other fans start complaining too? ;P

Anyway, on a serious note, I've been reading a lot the last couple of days, both my birthday presents from Lone and some of my old writing books. And enjoying it a whole lot too! =D

Monday was a lazy day, coz I didn't sleep the whole night before that.
Tuesday and Wednesday I spent reading The Eyre Affair.
Wednesday night I would've posted up a review of the book, except that I had to prepare the contracts for my client the next day.
Yesterday was busy, busy, busy. Went to see my client in the morning and got stuck in the craziest jam. Traffic has been really unpredictable the last couple of days, coz of the upcoming festivals and holidays. So I finished at around noon, and had to go back to the office to notarize and submit the contracts. Had a meeting with my manager, and only finished at about 4 plus. Traffic on the way back was terrible too.

But I went to Mid Valley first, because I had a 'craving' for books. *big big smile* And let me tell you how happy I was that I went. I finally, finally, finally!! Found the book I had been waiting for, for three whole years!!

A Feast for Crows by George R R Martin!

I waited sooooo long, and finally the paperback is out! The first two years I waited for him to finish writing the book, it was finished last year, but was only out in hardcover and too expensive for me to get. Besides, a hardcover wouldn't match the other books I already had in the series. So I continued being patient for another year. I knew the paperback was coming out this year, I just thought it might be much later, maybe in November or December, but I found it yesterday and I am SO HAPPY!

I would've rushed back home and stuck my butt to the chair and started reading the book straightaway, except that I had to go for another round of futsal with my colleagues.

Yup, I played futsal again. =P

It wasn't as much fun this time around, because only 7 of us showed up, the rest were still stuck in the crazy-assed jam in KL, so they ended up not being able to make it. There were supposedly 15 of us coming, and only 7 showed up, and I was the only girl. It was sad. =( And damned exhausting!

I'm sure you know, less people means more running, and less guys to back me(the girl) up. So I was soon wheezing like a 70 year old climbing up a few flights of stairs, and no match at all for the other guys. Nope, not fun at all. =(

Well, nevermind, I got through the night thinking, I'd soon be home, and I'd be able to start reading A Feast for Crows! Yayy!!

I took a shower as soon as a got home, washed up, prepared myself for bed, and settled down and got comfy in my bed, all ready to read the book. And you'd never guess...

Five pages into the book, my eyes got too heavy to keep open any longer. And I fell asleep.


Yup! Last night was the best sleep I had in ages! LOL!

As for the book, I'm now 82 pages in, and continuing again after I post this. =D Don't worry if I don't post for another few days, k. It's a 900+ paged book, and it'll take a while to digest, so I'm getting back to it now. Ta! =D