Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me-ey!
Haaaaaappeeeee Biiiiiiiirthdayyyyyy tooo meeeeeeeeee!

I made it! I'm 24 today! Hoorayyyyyyyyyy!

My very mischievous friends devised a very mischievous plot to surprise me today, which would've worked, but people kept giving it away little by little without even knowing! LOL!

Pictures will be up later, but let me tell you how terribly humorous it was:

Firstly, I had completely no idea what the plan was for today, I had no idea who was coming, where we're going, what we're doing. Absolutely nada idea! I knew it was a surprise, so I kept a really open mind to every single possibility. I had no expectations at all.

Come to think of it, they should've given me something specific to expect, then I sure would've been surprised. LOL!

Secondly, dearest Sng messaged me online and told me sorry for not being able to see me on my birthday. I said, well, maybe I'd see him after dinner with my gfs. And he said, wasn't the guys coming along too. LOL! And he said he was supposed to go to but couldn't make it, that's why he said sorry. =P

Thirdly, Margaret herself gave something away. Coz all I did was ask her an innocent question, "Where are you guys now?" And she went, "Guys? What guys?" LOL! So obvious, right?

But in fact, I still would've been surprised! Because I thought the guys were going, but I didn't know my colleagues were too! Or I wouldn't have known, if we didn't bump into Remus on the way in. LOL!

The moment I saw him, I had my suspicions, but I wasn't sure coz he was alone, I thought maybe he was meeting some friends. But he got lost I think, and didn't know where the restaurant was, so he was following us. And like, duh! Why would he follow us if he wasn't part of the plan. LOL!

So although it wasn't a big shocking surprise, it was still a gradual one. And I totally enjoyed it! =D In fact, I think I enjoyed it more because it was gradual! =D

You know me, I like reading mysteries and watching CSI and etc... It was great fun trying to figure out what they had in store for me.

So here's my post-birthday party speech: (sort of)

Thank you loads, to Margaret and my brother! The key conspirators of this devious plot! I love you both!

Thank you to Melina, for the wonderful top! I know I'm gonna be wearing it a lot!

Thank you to all my girlfriends, Margaret, Charmin, Elaine, and Ee Won, for the beautiful dress! I love it, love it, love it!

Thank you to my schoolmate, Eng Kok, for being the only guy friend from school who came! =D

Thank you to all my colleagues, Anna, Bob, Ceaser, Chris, Raymond, Lai Mun, Lone, Remus, and Grace, for coming to the party. I enjoyed all your company!

Thank you to all the significant others, Melina, John, and Jeremy, for being there!

Thank you to my brother, Bob, Ceaser, Lone, Melina, Margaret, and Eng Kok, for continuing the fun with me at my place! It was great!

Thank you, all of you! For giving me a wonderful night to remember!