Sunday, October 29, 2006

David Tao vs. Other Chinese Singers

I went to David Tao's concert last night. Can you believe it?! =D

Unfortunately, cameras weren't allowed, so no pix for you guys. Sorry.

It was all very last minute, I didn't even know that I was going to go until 4 hours before the show started. Coz Lone's friend had extra tickets, and I have no idea why, but they seemed to come in twos. First, Kelvin got two free tix, which were of course for himself, and he asked Lone to join him. Then, suddenly there were another two free tickets, which I could then claim for myself and whoever else. Then there was another two free tickets, which I then gave to Charmin and John.

Oh...did I forget to mention that they were free? *grin*

That's right, David Tao fans, I got to go for free! Muahahahahah!! And I didn't even like him or know who he was...

Oh, but I'm a fan now!

He's not like all those other boring, typical, Chinese singers. You know the ones I mean, good looks, sweet/sexy voice, ability to sing in tune, and that's about it.

The kind of singers I admire have *real talent*. They don't need good looks because their singing market them well enough. They have a good voice, power, control, emotion and musical sense. And David Tao has all these critieria, to various degrees of course.

That's why I'm his new fan. =D I like Coco Lee for the same reasons. They're not the typical, boring, good looking, sweet voiced, Chinese singers. And you know what they both have in common?

They were both brought up in some Western country, brought up on Western music. Which is waaaayyyy better than Chinese music. Seriously.

Flame me if you want, it doesn't stop what I said from being true.

Hong Kong singers are the worst! The only good songs that came out recently are copies of English songs, and they manage to spoil those perfectly good songs just by singing them. Their original songs are just copies in disguise, they all sound the same one way or another.

Taiwanese songs aren't so bad. At least they do have more than a tiny shred of talent, which is more than I can say for the Hongkies. There are actually quite a lot of good Chinese songs from Taiwan, but still not much variety or change to their music.

I'm not bias towards English music and against Asian, honestly. I love Korean and Jap music, and I'm a big fan of Thai music too! And some English songs can be really bad. *cough*London Bridge*cough* I used to love Chinese songs when I was little. The older songs by Sally Yeh, Beyond, Andy Hui, Leon Lai...etc, but I've since given up on listening to Chinese songs because they just keep getting worse and worse.

Granted, there are a few good ones, but I can't be bothered sifting through a hundred boring Chinese songs just to find the one good song.

So I end up missing them. =(

My sifu Lone has promised to expose me to more good Chinese songs though, =) I can hardly wait.

I love David Tao!!! =D