Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Finally Moving!

You have no idea how long my family has been preparing to move! We must be the slowest movers in the world!

We've been waiting to move for almost, I dunno... 3 years?!

My friends have found houses and packed and moved and unpacked and settled down, and I'm still here!

But finally, I'm moving, next week to be exact. Finally!

We haven't finished packing everything yet. These couple of days are kinda hectic, trying to pack all my stuff...

I had no idea I had so many books! I spent *days* packing up my stuff, and so far only my BOOKS have been packed! Not my clothes, not my whatever other stuff I have...

Hmm...maybe I don't really have anything except books...

Well, anyway, I spent *days* packing, and have only finished with my books! What do you think that means?

I have too many books! LOL!

Tomorrow is another packing day... Whew! Maybe this time I can get started on something other than books.

I'm really excited about moving. What kind of anticipation you think has built up in me, waiting for THREE years to move. Of course I'm excited!

I'll have lots of pix of my new room for you when I move in. I think I'm gonna love it!