Monday, April 09, 2007

Planet Hollywood

Last night we decided to go to Planet Hollywood for dinner and dance. We love live bands, you see, and it just so happened that for the month of April, NRG was the resident band for Planet Hollywood. Lone knows some of the members of this band personally, and it was so great listening to talented musicians like that.

NRG: The band!

But anyway, six of us went early for dinner, and what a delicious dinner it was. *Slurp* Not all the dishes were good, but the BBQ Beef Ribs was heavenly!

See for yourselves:

The totally delish appetizer

John's Black Pepper Chicken

Lone's Beef Fajitas was delish! Totally scrumptious and savoury, but the beef was a little overcooked.

Eng Kok's Lamb Shank was ok, but it couldn't compare to Marg's beef ribs!

Charmin's Cajun Fish looks a little burnt. =P

Margaret's BBQ Beef Ribs was the best! Tender and succulent!

My very healthy Honey Mustard Chicken Salad, which was kinda small though.

John ready to dig in.

Charmin, me and Lone

Eng Kok and Margaret

Overall the food wasn't too bad, but Hard Rock beats Planet Hollywood anytime. My salad was seriously small, and after getting used to big portions like they serve in Hard Rock, Chili's and Friday's, Planet Hollywood's salad was a disappointment.

Some of the dishes were overcooked and dry too, which seriously shouldn't happen in a place like Planet Hollywood whose reputation in good food is important.

The beef ribs was great though, but one good thing out of a whole slew of not so good things isn't enough to bring me back to Planet Hollywood.

I still prefer Hard Rock, and I'd rather go back to Hard Rock than Planet Hollywood if I wanted to have a nice dinner and chill out with a live band later.

No more Planet Hollywood for me! For now anyway...unless they improve a lot! =)