Monday, April 09, 2007

Music opens the Doors to Dreamland

I've been sleeping with my I-tunes on the last couple of nights.

The last time I slept with music on was almost six years ago, when my radio still worked. Seriously!

Ok, I do listen to like, instrumental and new-agey stuff to sleep every once in a while, but the last time I actually slept listening to contemporary songs was six years ago!

Yeah, I was surprised too when I realized...

I didn't even realize how much I missed sleeping with the radio on until I fell asleep with my I-tunes still playing last Saturday night.

I slept so well that I left my I-tunes on again last night! LOL!

The dreams I had were wonderful and kinda nostalgic. They were weird, but it's like you're in a fantasy world, you know, and the music permeates through to your dreams and you have like, really...interesting dreams.

I miss my 'dreamy-ness'. I used to dream so much, and have such wonderful ideas and imaginations... It was a really blissful time for me...

Until the real world kicked in and I realized that I couldn't live in my dreamworld anymore.


But you know what, I think I'm still gonna go back to my dreamworld once in a while. I need it to survive. My nights are still mine... and I can always dream.